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Jeremiah 29:11
For I know the plans I have for you, declares the Lord, plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.
Jeremiah 29:11
About M3 Church - Mountain Movers Ministry
Mountain Movers Ministry was planted in the Midlothian, Virginia area to reach those who have become disenchanted with business as usual in the church by Pastor Wade S. Runge and his wife Sherrie. It was created and ordained by God to afford busy families the opportunity to participate in a meaningful, relevant, and productive church. In order for the Great Commission to be fulfilled different strategies must be employed to meet the needs of the community. We are here to serve and meet your need. We are a family-oriented ministry that emphasizes the Word of God. Our contemporary worship service is designed to minister and equip all age groups. The children's groups are tailored to ensure that every member has an opportunity to learn about the Word of God. This is accomplished in a loving, nurturing environment that stresses the significance of having faith in God, family relationships, and fulfilling your God-ordained purpose.
The History of About M3 Church
Mountain Movers Ministry, Inc. was birthed out of a need to reach the lost and unchurched. Pastor Wade S. Runge was given the vision for this ministry after witnessing the thirst that many people had for a relationship with God. However, the obstacle or challenge that got in the way of some was their perception of organized religion. This ministry was conceived out of the need for a generation of potential believers who need more relationship rather than religious piety. Therefore, NOT CHURCH AS USUAL became the "battle-cry" for Mountain Movers Ministry.
Pastor Runge's pastor and father in the Gospel, Bishop Gerald O. Glenn and the NDEC family have prepared him for this moment. Bishop Glenn mentored, fathered, and encouraged Pastor Runge to trust God and become a "water-walker". God's divine favor and providence was seen during the whole process when Pastor Dwayne Sconion of Midlothian Christian Fellowship was led to allow Mountain Movers Ministry to hold services at their current location: 905 Southlake Blvd Richmond, Virginia 23236. This anointed preacher and friend offered support and God's approbation for this ministry could be seen from that moment. In addition, Pastor Runge's tenured friend of more than 20 years, Pastor Vincent Allen of Agape Fellowship Ministries took the time to help prepare all the necessary documents for the infancy of this ministry. All of these factors were considered to be a part of the decision process of planting this ministry. However, Pastor Runge recognized the need to seek counsel from Pastor Reginald Lewis in Gainesville, Florida because they have served in ministry and the USMC together for more than 20 years. After much prayer and supplication the vision for Mountain Movers Ministry was clarified and God's handprint could be seen all over circumstances. Without the help of God and these gracious men of God none of this would have been possible.
The Mountain Movers Ministry, Inc. became an official entity on February 28, 2011. The initial trustees that were designated to sign all required documents were Antonio Middleton, Sherrie Runge, and Wade Runge. The church received its incorporated status on April 4, 2011. Pastor Runge began meeting with potential members throughout the summer of 2011. Mountain Movers Ministry started prayer services with Pastor and Lady Runge on March 31, 2011. Lady Runge demonstrated her belief that God had blessed this ministry that evening and sowed the first seed into this ministry. The month of September 2011 has been designated as a month of prayer and consecration in preparation of the first official service in October. The first Saturday evening service was conducted on the 8th of October in 2011.

On April 19, 2014, Mountain Movers Ministry held its first Saturday night service in its current location at 885 Research Road location. The building was completely renovated with the effort and support of the members of the church, a project which brought the members closer together and gave glory to God. Since moving to the new building, Mountain Movers Ministry has continued to grow through its commitment to those both inside the church and to those outside the church. For anyone wishing to go deeper in their relationship with Jesus Christ, Mountain Movers Ministry offers both discipleship and leadership ministry classes. In March of 2014, a 1400 square-foot home was purchased as a ministry to help our veterans needing a hand-up. Additionally, 2014 also saw the start of a weekly meeting, called Invictus, for those wanting to overcome any kind of problem, trial or addiction. In July of 2014, Mountain Movers Ministry opened their food bank to meet those who need some help getting through, and the food bank is operated in a low-stress and non-judgmental way, whose focus remains on the people being helped and not red-tape. In 2016 Mountain Movers Ministry sponsored two overseas missions trips, meeting real-world and daily needs to those living in those communities. During Mountain Movers Ministry history they have stayed committed to their local outreaches by regularly going out to feed the homeless, completing two home-makeovers, holding multiple community festivals, hosting Christmas toy and Thanksgiving dinner giveaways, taking food to hospital staff, policemen and firemen, hosting back-to-school giveaways, prayer walks, working with orphans and more.
Our Mission Statement
The broad mission of the Mountain Movers Ministry is to glorify God, edify the saints and evangelize the lost. More specifically, the purpose and mission of MMM is to effectively minister and disciple people of all nations, races, economic, social, ethnic backgrounds, and life situations through the Word of God. Our three priorities are: faith, family, and fulfillment of purpose.
The cross of Jesus Christ is the message that is conveyed from this ministry. This is Not Church As Usual. Instead, we are carrying out God's mandate to reach the disenchanted, lost, and unchurched by utilizing different methodologies and strategies without compromising The Message.
The Saturday evening service was created to meet the needs of busy, productive, efficient individuals and families. It is evident that many people have made the tough decision to either go to church, work, or take their child to some activity on Sunday morning. Mountain Movers Ministry is prepared to serve you and meet your needs through the Word of God and rich fellowship.
M3 Church - Mountain Movers Ministry
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